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Color Change Wraps

When you want to refresh the style of your car a color change is the way to go!

A color change is just that! Changing the color of your car, typically it is changing all the painted parts of your car from one color to another! This process typically takes about 5-6 days depending on the vehicle and detail level of the wrap.

We offer 3 levels of detail for wraps

1.Commercial Level 

With commercial level we cut everything on the edge allowing us to save a significant amount of time and bring the cost down for our clients. This also allows for an incredibly easy removal process which saves money when you want to remove it. 

This process takes about 4-5 days depending on vehicle type.

2.Standard Level

With standard level we leave extra film to tuck around edges ensuring none of the original color shows. We also go about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch in  door jambs so that the original color doesn't show through the door gaps. This level requires some disassembly including bumper removal and mirror removal.

This process takes about 5-6 days depending on vehicle type.

3.Show Car Level  

With our show car level, we go all in.

This includes extensive disassembly such as removing doors, door panels, lights, bumpers, trunk, hood, mirrors, etc. At this level all jambs are wrapped and there is no sign of the factory color anywhere until disassembled once again.

This Process can take up to 12 days depending on vehicle type.

Partial Wraps

Sometimes the little things can make a huge difference. With partial wraps you can give your car an edge without breaking the bank. Below you will find a list of many options for partial wraps! If you don't see what you're looking for, you can always ask!

- Hood Wrap

- Roof Wrap

- Trunk Wrap

- Spoiler Wrap

- 2 Tone Wrap

- Window Trim Chrome Delete

- Grill Chrome Delete

- Full Chrome Delete

Ceramic Coating

This is perfect for those who are already in love with their current color or their fresh new wrap!

Ceramic Coating is a liquid coat applied to the surface of a vehicle, giving it an extra layer of protection. This coat also fills in the micropores on the surface of a vehicle, giving it a super slick feel and hydrophobic properties. Below are a few options for our ceramic coating packages!

- No Polish followed with 1-3 layers of Ceramic Base and Top Coat

- 1 Stage polish followed with 1-3 layers of Ceramic Base and Top Coat

- 2 Stage polish followed with 1-3 layers of Ceramic Base and Top Coat

- Full Paint Correction followed with 1-3 layers of Ceramic Base and Top Coat

Window Tinting

Whether you are looking to keep heat out of your car or simply more privacy we are here for your window tint needs!

We use Avery Dennison Automotive window films! We offer 3 types of film all of which contain no metal so there will be no signal interference!


NR Series

 delivers an attractive appearance with a no-fade warm graphite color. The metal-free construction allows for zero electronic signal interference. The combination of advanced UV stable embedded dye film with additional UV absorbing pressure sensitive adhesive, provides excellent UV block protection of the vehicle interior and passengers.
 Available in 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% shades

NR Pro Series

 automotive window films are non-reflective, color-stable and weather durable films in a warm graphite tone. Using sophisticated nanotechnology, NR Pro Series delivers long lasting, great looks and impressive solar performance along with optimal shrink capabilities and zero electronic signal interference.

Available in 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50% Shades

NR Nano Ceramic IR Series

automotive window films are constructed with advanced durable inorganic ceramic nanoparticles. NR Nano Ceramic IR Series delivers phenomenal solar protection with long lasting color stability for exceptional protection and appearance. Its high optical clarity and deep graphite color tone upgrades vehicle aesthetics for a stunning looking and comfortable ride.

Available in 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50% Shades

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